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16/08/2021 News

TotalEnergies in the Netherlands builds first hydrogen station in Breda

Source: this news article was first published by by TotalEnergies Marketing Nederland and the original version (in Dutch) can be found here.

TotalEnergies in the Netherlands has started the construction of a complete multi-fuel filling station in the Dutch city of Breda at Minervum 7001, in cooperation with Berkman and Tigchelaar of MobilityHUB Breda. The new service station offers not only conventional fuels such as diesel and petrol, but also hydrogen (H2) for fuel cell electric vehicles. For battery electric (EV) vehicles, there are also fast chargers with a maximum charging capacity of 175 kW. The H2 refuelling installation is expected to open in November 2021.

The TotalEnergies station in Breda will supply H2 at both 700 and 350 bar filling pressure, suitable for heavy commercial- as well as light commercial and passenger vehicles. In the context of sustainable city logistics, two garbage trucks of the Municipality of Breda will be the first to refuel at the TotalEnergies station. These garbage trucks are part of the Revive project.

The construction of the hydrogen refuelling station in Breda is part of the Waterstofregio 2.0 (‘Hydrogen Region 2.0’) project, which is coordinated by the Flemish-Dutch knowledge and cooperation platform, WaterstofNet. The project is co-financed by Interreg of the European Union and a DKTI subsidy has been granted. This is a subsidy scheme for sustainable projects from the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, implemented by the Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO).

Expansion of TotalEnergies’ station network with low-carbon & clean fuels

TotalEnergies in the Netherlands is working hard to expand a network of refuelling stations with low-carbon and renewable energies such as biomethane, hydrogen, LNG and electricity. The innovative multi-fuel station in Breda contributes to the mission of TotalEnergies in the Netherlands to become more sustainable.

Geert Houbrechts, Retail Director at TotalEnergies in the Netherlands, emphasizes that the new multi-fuel filling station is a step towards realizing the ambitions from the climate agreement: "The Netherlands has high ambitions in terms of sustainability. The right refuelling and charging infrastructure will make the transition to cleaner and more sustainable transport easier. As TotalEnergies in the Netherlands, we are very pleased that we can contribute to this by making affordable and cleaner energy for transport widely available."