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TotalEnergies offers a wide range of natural, renewable and hydrogen gas infrastructure solutions for mobility and small-scale LNG for industrial use to business customers around the world, either directly or through its affiliates.

Integrated multi-energy solutions  

As part of its integrated multi-energy portfolio, TotalEnergies provides end-to-end services and advice for the realisation of public and private refueling infrastructure for CNG, LNG and hydrogen, with renewable options such as biomethane and green hydrogen.

Stations for gas mobility: public or private 

Businesses and local authorities work with TotalEnergies to determine the alternative fuel solution that is right for their fleet and energy transition needs: whether this involves finding an existing station in TotalEnergies' public network nearby or adding a new one. Developing a private station on site that is dedicated to one or several organisations is another option.  

Over the past two decades, since the opening of its first natural gas for vehicles station for vehicles in the Netherlands and its first hydrogen station in Germany, TotalEnergies has gathered the deep technical expertise, know-how and data required to make your gas for mobility infrastructure project a success.

Industrial use: small-scale LNG  

For industrial customers not connected to the gas network, TotalEnergies covers the full spectrum of small-scale LNG services, from truck transport of LNG to local regasification units and off-grid power generation.  

TotalEnergies has been a major global player in LNG for 40 years. It is one of the few industrial companies that have integrated global operations across the entire value chain, from production and liquefaction to marketing and distribution to end-customers.

Trusted partner globally  

Thanks to its extensive experience with natural gas for mobility and industrial use, companies rely on TotalEnergies as their trusted advisor for the transition to more sustainable transport, or the development of small-scale LNG. Contact your local TotalEnergies representative for more information or read our case studies.