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To make the transition to cleaner and more sustainable transport, having a private station to refuel on natural, renewable or hydrogen gas on your company's premises may be the best solution. TotalEnergies offers all the advice and delivery services required to implement a customised fuel infrastructure solution that is optimal for your type of fleet, from buses for public transport to light trucks for the transport of goods.  

A Station Dedicated to Your Fleet

TotalEnergies designs, builds, finances, operates and maintains private refuelling stations for LNG, CNG, biomethane or hydrogen, as well as electric charging points, for captive fleets and transport authorities. Captive fleets are fleets consisting of vehicles with predictable driving and refuelling patterns.

We have the data, know-how and resources to build a profitable business case and make cleaner fuels available and affordable. By integrating technical knowledge and operational experience into an end-to-and solution, we are able to deliver 'Fuelling-as-a-Service' with the Private Station Business Model. TotalEnergies has more than 10 years of experience in developing and implementing private stations for natural gas for vehicles and hydrogen gas for mobility.

The Private Station Business Model

This video presents the private CNG refuelling station of Dutch public transport bus operator EBS in Den Hoorn.

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The Private Station Business Model

Single or Multi-fuel

The optimal fuel infrastructure solution for your fleet might be single or multi-fuel. TotalEnergies can supply one or more alternative fuels, such as LNG, CNG, hydrogen and their renewable variants, as well as electricity, in combination with conventional fuels. TotalEnergies offers a global and fully integrated portfolio of mobility and new energies products and services to serve all your needs.

Expert in New Energies for Captive Fleets

Captive fleets are fleets consisting of vehicles with predictable driving and refuelling patterns regularly visit a depot, or spend the night there.​ TotalEnergies develops customised refuelling infrastructure solutions for these fleets in order to optimise fuel efficiency and availability.

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