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The Interreg project Hydrogen Region 2.0, coordinated by WaterstofNet, further strengthens the cooperation between Flanders and the Netherlands by realising hydrogen projects by and for companies in the region. For these projects, the partners involved receive financial support from the European Union.

Within Hydrogen Region 2.0 (‘Waterstofregio 2.0’), Total is working with local stakeholders on the development of a hydrogen refuelling station in Breda. This filling station will supply both passenger vehicles (700 bar) and heavy duty vehicles (350 bar) with green hydrogen. The Breda H2 station is expected to be operational in the second half of 2021.


In addition to an Interreg subsidy, Total has obtained an additional DKTI subsidy for this station from the Dutch government. TOTAL Nederland is in talks with various parties about refuelling at this future hydrogen station. For example, the Breda waste collection department with its refuse trucks will be one the launching customer of the station.

The permit for the hydrogen refuelling station in Breda has been granted Total. TOTAL Nederland has signed the agreements for the supply of hydrogen to the Breda municipal waste service. The HRS is now in the realisation phase.