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About TotalEnergies’ Gas Mobility Business line

TotalEnergies Gas Mobility is the group’s dedicated competence centre for natural, renewable, and hydrogen gas for mobility and small-scale LNG for industry use. As the worldwide business line for gas mobility within the Marketing & Services branch, it is responsible for the development of TotalEnergies' NGV, H2, and small-scale LNG industry businesses supporting all M&S entities on a global scale.  

Two decades of NGV Experience

TotalEnergies' Gas Mobility business line was launched on January 1, 2020, when PitPoint – the leading European alternative fuels provider acquired by TotalEnergies in 2017 – fully merged into the Group. The integration of PitPoint contributes to TotalEnergies' ambition to become the responsible energy major, and accelerates the group's activities in the markets for natural gas for vehicles, or NGV, and hydrogen, or H2, in particular.

The history of TotalEnergies Gas Mobility and its predecessor PitPoint starts back in 2001, when a small provider of NGV refuelling infrastructure, called dutCH4, was founded. It was dutCH4 that introduced public CNG stations in the Netherlands and one of the very first installations it built was located at Schiphol Airport, which is still part of our NGV network today.