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TotalEnergies is one of the world's largest suppliers of natural gas, with multiple operations on five continents, and activities throughout the value chain. Growing in natural gas, from fossil and renewable sources, is part of TotalEnergies' integrated strategy to expand its low carbon businesses on a global scale. For TotalEnergies, promoting the use of natural gas for vehicles together with hydrogen and biomethane is among the key drivers to decarbonise mobility and transport.

Integrated gas solutions for mobility & small-scale industry

TotalEnergies offers a wide range of natural and renewable gas infrastructure solutions for mobility and small-scale industry to businesses and local authorities around the world. It provides end-to-end services for the realisation of public and private refueling stations for CNG, LNG and H2, along with renewable options such as biomethane and green hydrogen. For industrial customers not connected to the gas grid, TotalEnergies covers the full spectrum of small-scale natural and renewable gas applications.

Multiple new energies to achieve tomorrow’s mobility

TotalEnergies believes that tomorrow’s mobility does not call for a one-size-fits-all approach but rather for a full range of complementary solutions, from constantly improving the energy efficiency of vehicles, biocomponents in our fuels, to offering multi-energy solutions. The optimal solution for your fleet depends on many different factors including vehicle type, range, and regulatory landscape.

As a global multi-energy company with an integrated portfolio, TotalEnergies is able to provide organisations with all the products, services and complementary solutions needed to achieve more sustainable mobility, locally and globally.